Thursday, July 21, 2011

Keir Studios Update July 20th, 2011 (Google Plus)

So in the latest episode of The Missing Dialogues (Episode 35 Listen Here), we used Google Plus's Huddle feature to record. While I have to say it's fairly easy to install in both Windows and Linux, the audio quality is actually not as good as Skype's. There was a bit of a drop out in the middle of the show that you can hear when Rofaxen is talking, and I (Loreandlaw) dropped out slightly as well. That might be due to either of our internet speeds at the time, and it does happen on Skype, but to me on Skype it isn't that harsh. But all in all, if it becomes necessary to use an alternative to Skype, I'm all for it. Also Google Plus has better security about what people can see. I've hidden who I follow, and who is following me, so the only way you know who I'm watching, is if I'm watching you, but you will only see yourself in the list of  people I've put in a circle. You can find me on Google Plus here.

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