Sunday, April 24, 2011

Keir Studios Update 4/24/11

Well, using the Keir Studios computer keeps looking more and more hopeless. At least with the equipment I have. I have tried several linux distros and none of them like my USB Blue microphone. I have had luck using a normal mic plugged into the audio jack, but I'd need a preamp to get the sound loud enough, and the  quality is less than I'd like. As a bit of a last effort yesterday I tried installing Ubuntu Studio, but due to the fact that the Keir Studios computer doesn't see the DVD drive, I have to use the USB port to boot from, and install. I'm using Pendrive Linux to install the distros directly onto the USB stick, and that makes them bootable, but since it did not give me the option for Ubuntu Studio, it's not bootable. The issue with that is, I can't boot the version of the distro I need on this other computer to burn a bootable usb because the version the Keir Studios computer needs is an AMD version, and this other computer is an Intel computer. If I had perhaps a longer SATA cable I'd try to boot from the CD using the PCI Express SATA card that I installed, but if that worked, it would not make sense that the hard drive doesn't boot from that card. Perhaps I'll continue to distro hop until I find a compatible Linux distro to use, but on the upside, thanks to Morpse, I have the ability to install linux distros on the hard drive, but I still have to use a usb stick to have the /Boot folder to boot the computer with. So there has been some progress, but the sound driver issues still exist.



  1. What about using a hardware preamp? I use the Behringer Xenyx 502 Mixer. It's around $40. You can use all kinds of vocal mics from cheap to expensive that use XLR cables.

  2. I'm doing this on the cheap number one, and like I said, the analog mic that I do have outputs pretty low quality audio, so making it louder wouldn't handle that issue. BTW, on the cheap means as close to free as possible.