Monday, April 11, 2011

Keir Studios Update

Hello all. I know it's been a while, but I just wanted to update you about what is going on. I plan on using this site to blog about Keir Studios, not so much as putting out the podcasts. For that I'll be using . But as an update as to what is going on, I'm currently in the process of getting a room set aside specifically for recording, editing, and publishing Keir Studios material. So far I've cleaned the room up, but I need to get the computer systems and audio set up properly before I go forward. While I have hosted many shows, and edited many more, I think flagship shows for Keir Studios are SIPR and the Missing Dialogues. With the help from Slothen, we have album art for SIPR, still nothing yet for Missing. I had planned on taking some time to create it here shortly, but I think getting the room in order is the first priority. Previously Missing was a group of us in a room talking about deep topics, and we shall continue to do that, but it will now have to rely more on skype because of many of my original guests have moved a decent distance away. Getting that set up in the new room might be a challenge as well, since the computer I'm currently going to have to use doesn't have a bootable hard drive, and I'll be using a live distro off of a USB stick. So I'll have to customize a linux distro to handle all that I want to do. Which isn't as hard as it might sound, but getting it set up properly might take some time. I had originally estimated that I'd be able to get all this done in three weeks time. I am currently in week 3, and I still have lots of stuff to do. But with luck I'll get everything up and running smoothly shortly. I look forward to starting up the Studios again, but I don't think I'll overwhelm myself with the quantity of shows/work like I did previously. I will probably focus on one to three shows in total. 

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