Thursday, June 2, 2011

Keir Studios Update June 2nd 2011

So the first True new episode is out for the Missing Dialogues(link here).I think it went well, and the audio quality is okay. If you listen carefully you might hear an audio ad in the background at some point in the show because one of the articles I was looking at had pop ups, and I apologize for that. Since Rofaxen is running his audio on Linux, "Lucid Puppy", he has a bit of feedback on his mic, so that is that humming noise that you can hear in the show, I tried to cut it out as much as I could, but if I really went through and took it all out, the quality drops significantly, and the conversation sounds strange. All in all it went better than I thought it would for the first new episode in a while, mostly due to the fact that Rofaxen can talk forever about any topic, sadly, I generally am fairly concise when it comes to most subjects. After we were done recording we did some planning on future shows, and generally are set for the next few weeks for topics, but we still welcome feedback, and if you happen to have a really good topic we may push back some of our planned ones for yours. You can email us here, and we thank you for tuning in.

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