Monday, May 30, 2011

Keir Studios Update May 30 2011

It does appear that I was finally able to get some things done. Though do to severe weather I lost my co-host this week, we should be back up to full speed this coming Wednesday for recording. Hence the super short episode of nothing. It's just there saying the Missing Dialogues is back.
That aside, I was able to work on the site successfully and make it able to output an appropriate feed for feedburner to take and use to submit to iTunes. Several people have already downloaded, and subscribed, but I would still appreciate a subscription, or if you could be ever so kind, let your friends know about it's existence.
Now let me say a couple things about the shows that are coming out. Missing Dialogues should come out every week, after Wednesday when I get the editing done. On the other hand SIPR has no regular schedule and is put together when ever Slothen finds appropriate, and enough products for us to review, so it would be a definite good idea to subscribe to SIPR if you want the show as soon as it comes out, instead of coming back to the keirstudios page everyday, though if you did that, it would be nice too.
Please see below to subscribe.

Click on the Image of the Podcast that you wish to subscribe to, or if you wish to subscribe via iTunes, click the link below the image.

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