Sunday, May 8, 2011

Keir Studios Update May 8th 2011

So I've gotten around to uninstalling Pulse Audio in Linux Mint 10, and just running straight ALSA. While my Blue Snowball Microphone still doesn't work, the webcam audio input is working. So it's not a USB mic issue necessarily, it possibly is the Blue Mic itself, at least in Linux, since it works fine in Windows. I even had a test call with Morpse to verify a consistent working audio output, and everything seems fine, I can even record reasonably well with the webcam mic into Audacity. Perhaps the blue mic and Linux where just not meant to be. Though I have been able to record short, perhaps a few seconds, of audio from the Blue Mic, but it will crash Audacity/audio, and I wont be able to record sound from it, even a few seconds, until I reboot the machine. So I am unsure what that is about.

 On the upside, this system that I had nearly given up on as a full time working machine seems to have come through this process better and fully functional, if in a round about way. So as I see it, there may be a show happening from Keir Studios at latest the week of the 16th of May, earliest, this week. Wish me luck!

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