Sunday, May 15, 2011

Update May 15th 2011

So I've recently tried a round about way of installing windows 7 on to this hard drive in the Keir Studios machine. It installed just fine, it just wont boot because unlike Linux, Windows isn't patient enough for it to finally see the hard drive. To install Windows in the first place I had to physically unmount the hard drive in the Keir Studios machine, and put it in another computer, and install it there. And in that machine it booted just fine, so the install was successful. However, not very useful if it wont load/boot not matter what jury rigging I would do to the Keir Computer. I think I may just wind up using Linux Mint on this computer, and not be able to do to much with it, other than a media consuming machine. No matter what is going on, the new show should start by Wednesday the 25th of May 2011. There will be some practice time in the interim next week, but due to some scheduling changes, and my co-host being on vacation that week, it can't start until he gets back. All in all I'm rather happy that the Keir Computer is able to even run properly, and as a behind the scene kind of look, all the update posts have been written and posted from it.


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